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Automation news and technical content from ISA
  • A HART handheld is an essential tool in plants deploying HART instrumentation. But what exactly is a HART handheld? What are the differences between various handheld brands and what are the practical considerations that should be taken into account when selecting one? Finally, how do you get the most from you HART handheld? Practical considerations [...]

  • If you look at a process flow diagram, you quickly realize that the flows are designed to move up and down in unison. The ratios of the flows are maintained. If you double production rate, you can double the process flows as a first approximation. The utility flows for heating and boilup will probably double [...]

  • Educational classes, online courses and exam preparation for May cover a wide range of topics including control systems documentation, advanced system programming languages, cybersecurity and flow measurement engineering. Special training in the field of leak detection and repair (LDAR) will be held in conjunction with the 14th ISA LDAR-Fugitive Emissions Symposium from 19-21 May in [...]

  • Manufacturing is growing, so why isn’t there more interest in entering this workforce?  I think the perception that manufacturing is not “cool” or “sexy” is outdated.  In reality, manufacturing isn’t just an assembly line any more.  It is an industry full of intelligence and creativity.  It’s a chance to present innovative solutions that impact our [...]

  • Consider the stereotype of the engineer. He (or she) is shy, socially inept, and rarely the life of the party. Understanding Fourier transforms and partial differential equations is no problem but standing in front of an audience and giving a presentation is a nearly insurmountable challenge. If he does give a talk he tends to [...]

  • In last month’s ISA Insights article I mentioned I will complete a series of articles reviewing the 10 trends impacting ISA. Last month we looked at Cybersecurity and this month we’ll take a closer look at the STEM education initiative. Virtually all ISA members and automation professionals have benefited from their education in science, technology, [...]

  • For most technicians, calibrating switches becomes somewhat of an afterthought.  This might be due to the fact that switches are commonly viewed as an over simplistic device.  A technician may see a switch and think, “What is there to calibrate?”  The fact of the matter is there are significant reasons to calibrate switches and multiple [...]

  • Plant managers, engineers and technicians all work hard to lower operating costs, reduce or eliminate downtime, optimize processes, and safeguard data and networks from cyber-intruders – all the while keeping personnel safety as a top priority.  Whew!  That’s a tall order, and the solutions are often complex and overlapping.  The daunting task of simultaneously keeping [...]

  • The value of the external-reset feedback feature in PID controllers is becoming increasingly apparent to me. I got a preview of its importance when I found that 1980s vintage DCS required a fix for override control that was addressed in the next generation of DCS by this feature. This wakeup call was followed by the [...]


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