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Field Wireless Excellence: ISA-SAS October 20 2014 Dinner Meeting, Mövenpick Hotel Al-Khobar, sponsored by Yokogawa
RT @ISA_Interchange: The smart home is an intelligent automation agent leveraging sensors & actuators [tech article] http://t.co/TDp85WkRoq…
RT @ISA_Interchange: Meeting the global need. Many ISA self-paced technical training courses are now offered in more than 20 languages. htt…
RT @DellOEM: How @Yokogawa solved the Industrial Automation lifecycle conflict through a partnership with #DellOEM http://t.co/QzDWZ3qpRq
@ISASaudi: The #Saudi Arabian Section of #ISA Invites you to Sept14, Khobar Dinner Meeting.Register #isasaudi.org
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Automation news and technical content from ISA
  • Picking a flowmeter takes both knowledge of the types of meters available and the kind of empirically derived knowledge that comes from experience. If you are like most people, you first think about the types of meters, their features, and their hardware and software. You might start to build the meter from the application requirements. [...]

  • What does a critical system mean to you? I interpret a critical system as one that is required to be in operation while the facility is in production, or when people must be protected from environmental, health or safety concerns. What are some of the things you should consider before deciding to upgrade a critical [...]

  • Humor can provide insights by opening the mind to the strange but true aspects of ourselves and our profession. Successful humor can cause a smile before the participant realizes the full nature of the situation. The humor in my books tends not to be slapstick in your face humor but more cerebral in nature. Hopefully [...]

  • Abstract: In this paper, Viterbi algorithm based on a hidden Markov model is applied to recognize activity sequences from observed sensors events. Alternative features selections of time feature values of sensors events and activity length size feature values are tested, respectively, and then the results of activity sequences recognition performances of Viterbi algorithm are evaluated. The [...]

  • November training and education programs from ISA deliver a variety of topics and specialties, including exam preparation courses for the Certified Control Systems Technician and Certified Automation Professional certifications. Do you need an introduction to measurement and control methodologies and terminology? The end-of-year offering of these five seminars, the first of which begins in late [...]

  • The process industry has seen impressive technological advances in past years, with the introduction of smart transmitters, documenting calibrators, communicators and robust calibration software. Plants are able to have a fully automated and integrated calibration system. However, evidence indicates that many companies with an existing enterprise system typically have only established (but not updated) a [...]

  • Abstract: A novel adaptive backstepping sliding mode control (ABSMC) law with fuzzy monitoring strategy is proposed for the tracking-control of a kind of nonlinear mechanical system. The proposed ABSMC scheme combining the sliding mode control and backstepping technique ensure that the occurrence of the sliding motion in finite-time and the trajectory of tracking-error converge to equilibrium [...]

  • “Great leaders… look outward…at the competition, out at the future, out at alternative routes forward. They focus on broad patterns, finding connections, cracks, and then press home their advantage where the resistance is weakest. They must be visionaries, strategic thinkers, activators. When played well, this is without a doubt, a critical role.” —Marcus Buckingham & [...]

  • The idea of the Internet of Things (IoT) has been creating a great deal of excitement in the computing and communications industry for some time. Currently, the industrial automation industry is starting to explore and implement IoT concepts and technology. Other terms related to these concepts are machine to machine (M2M), Internet of Everything, Internet [...]


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13 May 2014 18:14
Best practices in PID tuning tips, tricks and case For over 14 years, IPCOS has been very successful in tuning PID Control loops in the Chemical, Hydrocarbon Processing and Manufacturing industry. IPCOS techniques and methods used to achieve this level of success with a combination of theory, practical...
07 May 2014 21:14
Big Process Data Analysis to Improve Plant Availab yoko.jpg Brief description of topic: Process data has been continuously stored in a historian through a plant lifecycle, delivering a variety of reports to help production management activities. Furthermore, the process data can be regarded as a precious...
24 Feb 2014 19:13
Online Sampling and Analysis of steam and Cond. “Online Sampling and Analysis of steam and Condensates in Boiler” Dr.Thiedig.JPG Topic Summary: Sampling and analyzing systems for the water steam cycle are relevant for the quality and performance of the turbine and the whole power plant....
21 Jan 2014 19:29
Outage Management 6 step Process Still have question or point to make post Dinner meeting? Ask or Discuss here. Outage Management 6 step Process sixstepsoutage_Emerson.JPG Topic Summary: Process plants and production facilities are being squeezed with tighter budgets and...
01 Nov 2013 05:40
The “logic” of Single Loop Logic Solvers Brief description of topic: Until recently, the thought of a Safety System conjured up images of Triple Modular Redundant (TMR) systems that represent enormous capital expenditures. Today, however, manufacturers offer a wide range of safety certified...
29 Sep 2013 20:38
HIPPS Challenges & Solutions Sept 16 Dinner Meeting. Still have question or point to make post Dinner meeting? Ask or Discuss here. Sponsor: Yokogawa Middle East. Topic summary: This presentation will describe the key issues involved in specifying and realizing High Integrity...
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