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@ISASaudi: The #Saudi Arabian Section of #ISA Invites you to Sept14, Khobar Dinner Meeting.Register #isasaudi.org
The Saudi Arabian Section of ISA Invites you to Sept14, Khobar Dinner Meeting.Register before Sept 14, 2014 at this Link 
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Automation news and technical content from ISA
  • The road to becoming an automation professional often starts as a career choice and then becomes a lifelong profession. Automation professionals are important contributors to the economy and society. They are known for their specialized knowledge. Starting with degrees and certifications as the foundation of this knowledge, they have a deep personal commitment to learn. [...]

  • Make plans now to attend one or more of the four consecutive weeks of ISA’s most popular, world-class technician, automation engineering and safety courses in Cerritos, Calif. ISA’s Los Angeles Section is sponsoring this technical training event that includes ISA’s world-renowned subject-matter experts. Enhance the value of attending this year’s 2014 Process Control & Safety [...]

  • Waves of processing facilities and operating companies are in the process of adopting high-performance graphics for the first time. These projects can be extremely daunting due to both conflicting information about what constitutes high-performance graphics and the vast number of individual design decisions that will be made over the course of the project. Developing a [...]

  • For the past several months I have been focusing my articles on ISA’s five game-changing strategic goals. One of those goals – using the coolest delivery to connect people and knowledge—is of particular interest to me. What does it mean to have “cool” delivery of our content? And why is cool delivery important? To be [...]

  • In the past, many safety controllers were typically procured and supplied as mysterious black boxes with few or no links to other safety and automation systems, the antithesis of an open system. Instead of a black box, process automation professionals can design their own safety system that integrates with other automation systems and has superior [...]

  • In industrial environments, high process temperatures, pressures, and vibration make it necessary to have a robust temperature sensor. Fast response time, accuracy, and stability are also needed. While several types of temperature sensors are available, such as thermistors, infrared pyrometers, fiber optic, and others, the two most commonly used in the process measurement industry are [...]

  • Abstract: This paper investigates the problem of robust fault detection for a class of switched positive linear systems with time-varying delays. The fault detection filter is used as the residual generator, in which the filter parameters are dependent on the system mode. Attention is focused on designing the positive filter such that, for model uncertainties, [...]

  • Technology advances have allowed us to expand our horizons and create complex systems to automate the supporting fabric and functions of our daily lives. These are systems that we have come to depend on and, in some cases, take for granted. We reach for the light switch without thinking that the light might not come [...]

  • Abstract: This paper proposes a backstepping control system that uses a tracking error constraint and recurrent fuzzy neural networks (RFNNs) to achieve a prescribed tracking performance for a strict-feedback nonlinear dynamic system. A new constraint variable was defined to generate the virtual control that forces the tracking error to fall within prescribed boundaries. An adaptive RFNN [...]


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