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@_DrCool_ Excellant topic and discution. thank you. key message, learn how to specify FF diagnostic requirments.
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Automation news and technical content from ISA
  • Abstract: This paper proposes a backstepping control system that uses a tracking error constraint and recurrent fuzzy neural networks (RFNNs) to achieve a prescribed tracking performance for a strict-feedback nonlinear dynamic system. A new constraint variable was defined to generate the virtual control that forces the tracking error to fall within prescribed boundaries. An adaptive RFNN [...]

  • For many people in the controls systems industry the word that seems to get thrown around a lot is value. What is value? It is defined differently to the various stakeholders in any project (engineering, maintenance, project manager, management, purchasing, EH&S and the vendor), which often leads to misalignment of the desired outcome vs. actual [...]

  • Process instrument commissioning is an essential part of an overall plant’s commissioning program and is necessary for ideal plant performance. It requires an allocated budget, time, and trained personnel, and must be considered within the scope of the overall program. Typically the most common activities that affect time and cost in a conventional process instrument [...]

  • Assets come in many forms including physical assets, people assets, legal assets, knowledge assets, property assets and others. Wikipedia defines asset as an economic resource – anything tangible or intangible that is capable of being owned or controlled to produce value. Simply stated, assets represent value of ownership that can be converted into cash. Using [...]

  • Since we learn by example, here is a neutralizer tank that has the major mistakes I have seen in waste treatment system pH design and installation. Each mistake is the result of a fundamental lack of understanding of the heightened sensitivity of pH control systems to dead time, process and measurement noise, insufficient process attenuation [...]

  • Abstract: In this paper, Viterbi algorithm based on a hidden Markov model is applied to recognize activity sequences from observed sensors events. Alternative features selections of time feature values of sensors events and activity length size feature values are tested, respectively, and then the results of activity sequences recognition performances of Viterbi algorithm are evaluated. The [...]

  • In my last post, I shared details about ISA’s Summer Leaders Meeting (SLM), including our first Automation Advisory Council meeting and the strategic visioning and planning sessions that were held and next steps. In that meeting we discussed how ISA’s use of the words “automation” and “automation professional” might make some members of ISA (and [...]

  • For four consecutive weeks this fall, ISA industrial automation experts will be in Houston, Tex. to lead the world-class technician skills, automation engineering and safety courses. ISA Technical Training Camp is your opportunity to take multiple ISA training courses at one location, and at a discounted rate. The program, which includes pre-arranged local plant tours [...]

  • Are you considering implementing high-performance graphics (HPG) or abnormal situation management graphics? If so then you are part of a fast growing list of manufacturers trying to gain a competitive edge. Three types of companies and their road to achieve HPG are described here. The first company is a firm believer in the concepts and [...]


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