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@_DrCool_ Excellant topic and discution. thank you. key message, learn how to specify FF diagnostic requirments.
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Automation news and technical content from ISA
  • Many process plant units have temperature loops that must be monitored and controlled. If these units are self-contained to some degree, as with a process skid or a remote unit, they often have just a few discrete and analog I/O points that must be monitored and controlled in addition to temperature. These units also often [...]

  • Abstract:This paper presents a systematic design framework for selecting the sensors in an optimized manner, simultaneously satisfying a set of given complex system control requirements, i.e. optimum and robust performance as well as fault tolerant control for high integrity systems. It is worth noting that optimum sensor selection in control system design is often a [...]

  • Process measurements are critical with respect to product quality and safety. Verifying/calibrating all instruments properly in a timely manner is an important aspect of ensuring that your product is manufactured correctly. I have seen instruments drift because of their natural tendencies and drift that was “self-inflicted.” Manufacturer accuracy promises are not valid to an auditor [...]

  • On 12 February 2013 President Obama issued Executive Order 13636, titled “Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity.” The executive order instructed the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to develop a voluntary cybersecurity framework that would provide a “prioritized, flexible, repeatable, performance-based, and cost-effective approach for assisting organizations responsible for critical infrastructure services to manage cybersecurity [...]

  • Abstract: The referenced quadrotor helicopter in this paper has a unique configuration. It is more complex than commonly used quadrotors because of its inaccurate parameters, unideal symmetrical structure and unknown nonlinear dynamics. A novel method was presented to handle its modeling and control problems in this paper, which adopts a MIMO RBF neural nets-based state-dependent ARX [...]

  • Dean Kamen, the founder of FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) and CEO of DEKA Research & Development, has created an organization to energize young people to become science and technology heroes. The mission of FIRST is to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders, by engaging them in exciting [...]

  • Automation and manufacturing information technology (IT) systems are characterized by a relatively short life. Often the systems have to be upgraded or replaced long before the process equipment has reached the end of its life cycle. For most companies, it is a challenge to manage upgrading or replacing systems in a running production environment, and [...]

  • Abstract: Many industrial processes are found to be integrating in nature, for which widely used Ziegler–Nichols tuned PID controllers usually fail to provide satisfactory performance due to excessive overshoot with large settling time. Although, IMC (Internal Model Control) based PID controllers are capable to reduce the overshoot, but little improvement is found in the load disturbance [...]

  • For as long as I can remember, almost every time I have traveled by car to a place, even if I have been there in the past, I check to make sure I have directions. Today that typically means that I enter the destination in my car’s WAAS/GPS (wide area augmentation system/global positioning system). The [...]


Latest Discussions

13 May 2014 18:14
Best practices in PID tuning tips, tricks and case For over 14 years, IPCOS has been very successful in tuning PID Control loops in the Chemical, Hydrocarbon Processing and Manufacturing industry. IPCOS techniques and methods used to achieve this level of success with a combination of theory, practical...
07 May 2014 21:14
Big Process Data Analysis to Improve Plant Availab yoko.jpg Brief description of topic: Process data has been continuously stored in a historian through a plant lifecycle, delivering a variety of reports to help production management activities. Furthermore, the process data can be regarded as a precious...
24 Feb 2014 19:13
Online Sampling and Analysis of steam and Cond. “Online Sampling and Analysis of steam and Condensates in Boiler” Dr.Thiedig.JPG Topic Summary: Sampling and analyzing systems for the water steam cycle are relevant for the quality and performance of the turbine and the whole power plant....
21 Jan 2014 19:29
Outage Management 6 step Process Still have question or point to make post Dinner meeting? Ask or Discuss here. Outage Management 6 step Process sixstepsoutage_Emerson.JPG Topic Summary: Process plants and production facilities are being squeezed with tighter budgets and...
01 Nov 2013 05:40
The “logic” of Single Loop Logic Solvers Brief description of topic: Until recently, the thought of a Safety System conjured up images of Triple Modular Redundant (TMR) systems that represent enormous capital expenditures. Today, however, manufacturers offer a wide range of safety certified...
29 Sep 2013 20:38
HIPPS Challenges & Solutions Sept 16 Dinner Meeting. Still have question or point to make post Dinner meeting? Ask or Discuss here. Sponsor: Yokogawa Middle East. Topic summary: This presentation will describe the key issues involved in specifying and realizing High Integrity...
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