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The Saudi Arabian Section of ISA Invites you to Sept14, Khobar Dinner Meeting.Register before Sept 14, 2014 at this Link 
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Automation news and technical content from ISA
  • Modern control systems are sophisticated assemblies with varied state-of-the-art technologies. Implementing these systems requires a team of technically gifted technicians and engineers who welcome the challenge of taking the often disparate pieces of a complex system and merging them into an integrated control system. Although these teams can resolve high-tech matters, they do not always [...]

  • If you currently have an OPC server, you can quickly and easily overcome its security shortcomings and difficulties by wrapping it with OPC .NET, which combines Microsoft .NET security with access control features. It provides a simple method to secure access to legacy OPC servers. OPC .NET, originally called OPC Xi, is a Microsoft .NET [...]

  • Abstract: A study of a self-organizing controller is implemented in a way that response to controlled system follows the desired given by the model. The self-organizing controller has proven to be a valuable tool in sterilization equipment in order to verify the capacity of the response to any change in the pressure or temperature. Basically, [...]

  • The need for calibration from the viewpoint of the reliability, repeatability, and accuracy of a measurement has been around for thousands of years, with various requirements and “controlling” systems. In today’s calibration environment, there are basically two types of “official” requirements for calibration: International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards and regulatory requirements. The greatest difference [...]

  • If you’re working in batch manufacturing, you are painfully aware of the ever-increasing demand to produce more and more and – while you’re at it – cut costs. Well, hey, you weren’t doing much this week anyway, so you may as well increase production and lower operating costs, right? Reducing the total cost of ownership [...]

  • You are in Building 27 on the third floor. It is time to calibrate a pressure transmitter. You have just finished the highest pressure point of the test. Now, it’s time to bring it back down. The easiest way to reduce the pressure is to vent the pressure pump. So, when you vent the pump, [...]

  • The road to becoming an automation professional often starts as a career choice and then becomes a lifelong profession. Automation professionals are important contributors to the economy and society. They are known for their specialized knowledge. Starting with degrees and certifications as the foundation of this knowledge, they have a deep personal commitment to learn. [...]

  • Make plans now to attend one or more of the four consecutive weeks of ISA’s most popular, world-class technician, automation engineering and safety courses in Cerritos, Calif. ISA’s Los Angeles Section is sponsoring this technical training event that includes ISA’s world-renowned subject-matter experts. Enhance the value of attending this year’s 2014 Process Control & Safety [...]

  • Waves of processing facilities and operating companies are in the process of adopting high-performance graphics for the first time. These projects can be extremely daunting due to both conflicting information about what constitutes high-performance graphics and the vast number of individual design decisions that will be made over the course of the project. Developing a [...]


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13 May 2014 18:14
Best practices in PID tuning tips, tricks and case For over 14 years, IPCOS has been very successful in tuning PID Control loops in the Chemical, Hydrocarbon Processing and Manufacturing industry. IPCOS techniques and methods used to achieve this level of success with a combination of theory, practical...
07 May 2014 21:14
Big Process Data Analysis to Improve Plant Availab yoko.jpg Brief description of topic: Process data has been continuously stored in a historian through a plant lifecycle, delivering a variety of reports to help production management activities. Furthermore, the process data can be regarded as a precious...
24 Feb 2014 19:13
Online Sampling and Analysis of steam and Cond. “Online Sampling and Analysis of steam and Condensates in Boiler” Dr.Thiedig.JPG Topic Summary: Sampling and analyzing systems for the water steam cycle are relevant for the quality and performance of the turbine and the whole power plant....
21 Jan 2014 19:29
Outage Management 6 step Process Still have question or point to make post Dinner meeting? Ask or Discuss here. Outage Management 6 step Process sixstepsoutage_Emerson.JPG Topic Summary: Process plants and production facilities are being squeezed with tighter budgets and...
01 Nov 2013 05:40
The “logic” of Single Loop Logic Solvers Brief description of topic: Until recently, the thought of a Safety System conjured up images of Triple Modular Redundant (TMR) systems that represent enormous capital expenditures. Today, however, manufacturers offer a wide range of safety certified...
29 Sep 2013 20:38
HIPPS Challenges & Solutions Sept 16 Dinner Meeting. Still have question or point to make post Dinner meeting? Ask or Discuss here. Sponsor: Yokogawa Middle East. Topic summary: This presentation will describe the key issues involved in specifying and realizing High Integrity...
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